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    How I wish I had some time on my hands to just sit down and make something pretty. Lately I feel overworked and when I start to get this way I just want to stop all together. Some how I pull through it and go through my crazy to do list one by one. Its the only way I can get it done. It can be hard sometimes and I want to do this and then that and then this and then I start to feel like I have gotten nowhere. Anybody ever feel like this? How do you cope?

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    1. The same here, Rachel. Sometimes I just put everything aside and go for a long walk. But sometimes, like today, I feel overwhelmed and, well, actually I just cried because of this.

    2. I felt exactly this way when I woke up this morning...my motivation was gone and my to do list was way too long. Before last week, I would have kept going and been really dreadful to be around all day but I've just discovered pilates (a bit slow, I know!). Taking a bit of time to breathe and focus and know that I'm doing something good for me has really helped to make a day like today great!! My list is still really long but I know I'll get through it. Take some time to do something for yourself...it's worth it!

    3. i have to make things, i have to make the time to create, sometimes it slips away but then i loose my purpose and feel stale. my blog is my way of carving out a space to be creative!


    4. Sometimes you just have to accept that you can't do everything. Pour yourself a glass of wine, have a long soak in the bath and listen to some music. Works for me.

    5. ugh, i feel like this more often than i'd like to admit. i think that deciding on one thing "to do" or to create and narrowing your focus is a good idea. if you try to spread yourself too thin, you won't be able to accomplish much but focusing on the task at hand (like designing one card) is an easy way feel to feel like you've accomplished something.

    6. Gorgeous! I've been so wrapped up in my bigger projects I haven't had time to work on any of my small stuff. This mood board is very inspirational to me :)

    7. Oh these are lovely and soothing

    8. such cute items. I wish I crafted more. I tend to craft in spurts. I want to make more handmade gifts. That is something to do.

    9. i feel like that all the time... i always feel behind on my to-do list. even when i am super determined to finish so many things in one day, i never can get to the end of my list. but my husband reminds me that that's just the way life is. and it's okay to not be "on top of things" all the time, as long as i'm trying my best. and i'm sure you're trying your best too! and you are making progress in the big picture, even though you may not see it at the end of each day. you can do it!

    10. I go to the yard, take my shoes off and feel the lovely grass on my toes, then look up to the sky for a few mintues. Its an instant pick-me-up, and then I can keep going on that long list of things to do! Good luck, and have a lovely day :-)

    11. I am there with you, this year has flown by and I have so much on my list. Working my long hours is not making it easier. I really need a vacation just to work on my personal goal list.
      Sometimes I cry,
      sometimes I just crawl under the covers,
      Sometimes I pour a very large glass of wine.
      but to get things done on the list. I pick 2 easy items and 1 hard and focus on those for the day.

      hope all balances a bit better for you soon!

    12. Yes...I do...I have to take a deep breath and begin again...lots of prayer, too.
      Blessings, andrea

    13. You are right. I wish i have free time to do crafting and do pretty things. But sadly my time is limited. So busy working.

    14. You guys are awesome! Thank you for all your encouragement. Its nice to know I am not the only one. :)


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    16. I totally understand how you feel. I am overwhelmed most days and I don't know that I really cope...I just push through and try to get at least one important thing done each day.

      Thanks so much for including the picture of my magnets...you're sweet! ♥

    17. I recently took a break from the internet, my at home office, everything that puts any pressure on me. Best thing I've done.

    18. I can relate to this completely. The last ten days have been so crazy. I am sleeping 3 hours a night and haven't been able to spend time with DH & my one year old.But I have decided to relax today no matter what. Work just has to wait. I am going to curl up with decor magazines, play with my lil girl and have a nice dinner with DH

    19. love it all!!

    20. oh Rachel, i feel like that all too often... most of the time the 'to do list' just can't be ignored, but occasionally you just have to put it aside and get creative for your own sanity... it's amazing how it can give you a new found sense of energy and clarity... :)

      thank you very much for including my pic amongst such lovelies... !

      have a fabby day,

    21. The to do lists helps me a lot.. and coffee :)
      Have a wonderful day!

    22. don't we all?


    23. ohmigoodness, i am feeling the exact same way as of late. lately, ive just wanted to stop everything. but i bought a bunch of time management books, hehe. if you figure it out, let me know ;)

    24. Make a list, and like you said... just concentrate on one thing at a time. Otherwise, you will get overwhelmed :)

    25. I love your blog / website!

      So many pretty things (^_^)

      There's an award for you on my blog, if you're interested




    26. Rachel, I often feel like this. When it comes to blogging and finding inspiration I find I have folders both on my computer and in a folder which are simply pictures which provide eye-candy and seem to stimulate my creative juices going again.

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