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    I just fell in love with this first photo from the lovely Violet bella called "A Girl and Her Thoughts". It makes me think about how nice it is to be outside on a park bench and letting your mind wonder.
    I have been doing a lot more thinking about how I want to have my own home with a pretty garden. As you may have assumed houses here aren't cheap and I am not sure if I could ever afford a quality house on Maui and that makes my mind wonder some more about where I want to be living when I do decide to make the big purchase. There are so many things to consider when you are deciding where to live. Why do you stay in the place that you are in and what do you think are the most important factors in deciding where to settle down? Oh and by the way have a wonderful Easter weekend! 

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    1. Wow, beautiful mood board, full of reflection and thoughtfulness. Choosing a home with plans to live there one's whole life is indeed a major step. Wishing you all the best in coming up with what is right and best for you.

    2. LOVE this shade of soft/mint green. I actually started using the mint/gold combo in my jewelery designs for Spring!
      Happy Friday!

    3. It looks lovely and ye' olde' style.

    4. wow!! wonderful moonboard!! green is my fav color!! :)

    5. Suche beautiful photographs...
      For the moment i stay with my parents.I'm young and lucky enough to be staying here.I have a lovely garden and now that it's spring there are so many flowers...so beautiful.Whenever you move, make sure to let us know:)
      Have a happy Easter weekend!

    6. What a gorgeous collection! I love all of them grouped together ~~

      Happy Easter!!
      xoxo Laura

    7. Lovely greens...reminds me the green that will be soon coming to Wisconsin (I am so sick of the tired brown at this point:))

      Have a lovely weekend!

    8. gorgeous!

    9. Oooh...I love this. Green is my favorite color and you picked such beautiful images. I adore those green shoes.

    10. oh my goodness, this is like the Emerald City meets Alice in Wonderland. I love it!

    11. Love the rich color palette!

    12. I absolutely LOVe these photographs! Wow people are so talanted.

    13. I love this shade of green, so pretty.


    14. I love green!! It's perfect for spring! Hope you're having a great weekend!

    15. these photos go together so wonderfully. i adore your blog!

      xo Alison

    16. ohhhh I LOVE green!!

    17. Yay - green! My fave.
      It can be really overwhelming deciding where to settle down. I grew up in Africa and then moved to New York for 13 years. I'm now in the San Francisco Bay Area and it isn't cheap here either. What my husband and I have come to realize is that buying is a bit over-rated. You should live where you're truly happy - even if it means renting. Sometimes buying can add a lot more stress to your life! It is lovely to have a home of your own to decorate and change as you please, though, isn't it? For now, we're perfectly happy in a little seaside bungalow with a garden, ocean view, proximity to a big city and creative hotspot, lots of cultural diversity and easy access to nature. Good luck with your decision, Rachel!

    18. Thank you for all your great advice! :)

    19. i'm not sure how it will sound but when i choose a place, i need to feel good vibes about it...
      i lived in places where it just didn't "feel" right...and i was just miserable!
      that and lots of light and wooden floor!

    20. lovely images..what a gorgeous emerald green

    21. i love green and think of it as a neutral like in nature. we love our neighborhood and lucky for it. we've collected many things over the years and packing them all up would be a bummer. i don't think a home has to be big to be lovely. it's also nice to live in a place where you get to know your neighbors and find interesting things to do whether they're at home or visiting the local sites. i hope you find your special place.

    22. rachel, this mood board is really stunning! so gorgeous.

      i think it is really important that you find a place to live that fits with your lifestyle. can you imagine yourself living, entertaining, decorating, meeting new friends in a way that is seamless with how you live your life. that, and the "good vibes" factor!

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