• Mellow Monday: Vintage Cameras

    I have been in love with old vintage cameras ever since I got to use my father in laws old pentax for a photography class I took a few years ago. Everyone in the class had new digital cameras and I was stuck using 35mm film. I felt like I had a disadvantage until I realized I was the only one in the class who had the slowest shutter speed. Having this made it so I could take a picture with Ryan walking in slow motion and have multiple Ryan's in one photo. It came out pretty neat! I started thinking about old vintage cameras again the other night when Ryan and I attended a party and saw some from the home owners collection. Their cameras had to have been the oldest I had ever seen probably from the early 1900's. It was so cool to see it in person and I wonder now if they still work. Below are some lovely vintage cameras I found on flickr. Enjoy!

    Row 1: perfectbound, susannah [unravelling]
    Row 2: {manda}, jujubalee

    See the entire collection HERE>>

    These pictures make me want to bring out the Pentax again and start playing. Aren't they beautiful? Do you have any old cameras in your collection and do they still work?

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    1. I think that I have one of my mom's but I'm not sure if working!
      I love them but I haven't completed any of the collections I've started, so I am not into this anymore! :p

    2. Oh, vintage cameras must be my guilty pleasure (or at least one of them). My dad got me a very old Exakta 1000 and it is so different from the digital one I have. It sure takes some time getting used to but I just love it!

      I have seen some great finds from thrift shops which we unfortunately don't have over here. But you should check out some stores, you might find some great deals! I would really love to see some photos you took with a vintage camera, even from the course you mentioned:) xo

    3. I, unfortunately do not have any old cameras any more but have vivid childhood memories of playing with a camera just like the one on the bottom right hand corner of your second collection.

      I wonder whose it was and where it is now???

    4. Rachel..I love these images...you have an old Pentax? You must bring it out and have a play...oh what fun!

    5. Love those vintage cameras!!

    6. I love this post :) While I don't have a personal collection of old cameras, I do sell them in my shop sometimes. They are my favorite items to photograph because they are works of art in themselves. Anyway, this beautiful post reminds me that I really need to upload my pictures of some of them to flickr!

    7. i love old cameras too!
      i have an old yashica from my grandpa, and 3-4 old ones that my father used to bring from trips to Canada or US. Unfortunately they don't work anymore.


    8. Fabulous! Anything vintage is so cool...makes me wonder the places and events each piece saw (especially cameras! :)) Happy Monday!

    9. swoon! these cameras are gorgeous.

      a little while ago i picked up a Kodak Retina that works off and on (it takes a long time to get through a roll!) and also a gorgeous Polaroid EE100 that unfortunately suffered from battery corrosion inside and now won't work despite being in otherwise lovely condition. it's pretty to look at, though :)

    10. I think we have a Kodak duaflex somewhere (didn't know the name i just checked it out) I remember playing with it when I was a kid, not sure where though... Ill have to put my memory to work
      Lovely collage Rachel, you never disappoint!

    11. Great photos! I love vintage cameras too!


    12. fantastic images! I would love to find a vintage polaroid camera!

    13. Hi Rachel! I love how they are displayed on the bottom right shelf! I do not collect cameras but I am in awe when I see one. I never know what to do with them but since seeing your photos.............
      Health and happiness,

    14. i have rollei 35se and polaroid :)
      and i'm trying to own an old russian camera soon. Brownie looks so very cute !

    15. o so lovely, I want them all

    16. These are gorgeous shots, Rachel! I always like camera pics :)

    17. They are beautiful. Today, all the cameras look the same, but those are individual masterpieces. They might be short of megapixel, but surely add something to photography that is often missing today: a soul.

    18. Thanks for sharing :)


    19. these are lovely- I have a vintage pink Polaroid camera and I love it :)

    20. Wonderful collection!! Happy Monday to you ~~

    21. This is a great post! I love vintage cameras!!
      Ps: I'm having a lovely giveaway on my blog :)

    22. Shutter snap. These are so perfect - you find the most wonderful items.

    23. I looovvveeee these vintage cameras!

    24. LOVE this post, Rachel! You really have the best galleries on Flickr. :0)

    25. delightful images! I LOVE vintage camera, too!

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