Mellow Monday: Looking Down II

I stayed up late last night updating the Lovely Clusters site and it looks great! We have some new sellers and a few new items from renewing sellers. Check it out if you have some time to spare. Since I stayed up so late I slept in a little too late mostly because I feel a little overwhelmed today with the amount of work I have in front of me so I am sort of dragging my feet. It should probably be the opposite huh? That's my Monday for you!

See the complete gallery HERE>>

BTW: Thank you everyone for all of your sweet comments from Friday! FYI: The cake turned out great and overall Ryan had a great birthday! :) Phew!


  1. Love this - I had a gorgeous pair of red patent shoes when I was little and I remember I used to polish them myself until I could see my face in them!



  2. Oh I'm back...Just got a tad lose over at Lovely Clusters...
    Oh the etsy goodness is just too tempting...
    Love you shoes!!!

  3. great board, so cute! love shoes/feet photos!
    have a great week, glad to hear you had a blast over the weekend and that the cake was good :)

  4. Oh what adorable shots! Good work updating the shop and happy monday! Hope you get some zzzs tonight!

  5. Love shoes....
    Blessings, andrea


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