• Mellow Monday: Hung Apparel II

    I remember when I was in high school and I would pick out my clothes for the next day. I would hang the outfit up for quick access. I was never a morning person and wouldn't give myself too much time getting ready in the morning so I would do whatever I could do to make things go more smoothly. It was definitely fun picking out what to wear for school. These days I just grab a comfy dress out of the closet and throw it on. Working at home I guess I don't often try too hard to impress. When I get the off chance of having a meeting I tend to think a bit more about what I am going to wear and I like that I still have that.

    Row 1: lisalindoe, lobster and swan
    Row 2: delicate diaries, liebemarlene
    See the complete gallery HERE>>

    So what about you? Do you tend to pick out what your going to wear the night before? Hows your Monday treating you?

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    1. I am definitely not a morning person! When I worked as a teacher I had to hang everything up, pack my bag and place it on a chair close to the door - and also prepare the lessons the night before and make notes for myself! See, I'm not quite alive before 10 am so I would have a sort of cheat sheet of what I was going to say, like a well-functioning robot. I never got full-time which is a shame because it was due to the economy, but luckily most of my classes were in the afternoon.

      Thank goodness I rule my own life now... I dress the way I work - instinctively, I go with the flow and what I feel like. Although I work at home I still want to have cute outfits, wear something fun - especially if my mood isn't great! I actually have a tiara on a small table in front of the hallway mirror just in case I need it.

      Um. I should go work now :)

      Thank you for the Hawaiian sun rays; we still have waist-deep snow in some areas BUT it is dripping from the roof today! Yay!


    2. My mom always made me pick out my clothes the day before when I was younger. I try to pick out my clothes the night before now but sometimes it doesn't happen (packing my lunch doesn't always happen either). I always know what I am going to wear though.

    3. I always love your collages :)

    4. Hi Rachel! First of all I love your work and this amazing blog full of fantastic hand made things!!! I usually choose my clothes the night before and place them on the chair, so I can save time! My mornings are always in a hurry: wake up, do breakfast, wake up Sofia (my one year old daughter), feed her, dress her, prepare myself, do the beds and a little bit of cleanings, take Sofia to my mom and go to the office! Ufff

      Hugs from Italy!

    5. I like knowing ahead of time what I am going to wear, but I also like changing my mind at the last minute...that is the rebel in me.
      Blessings, andrea

    6. Great post! I am so not a morning person but I am also not a "lay out the night before person". I am the person who frantically tries to pull something half-way decent looking together in the eleventh hour every morning. :) Nice finds...the pastel color palette make every thing look so sweet!

    7. Row 2, left pic...beautiful! All of them are so sweet.

    8. Well, being the teenager I am, I do almost exactly what you did. Only I have an entire set of five cubbies for the week xD On Sunday I set everything out for the week depending on what I'm doing that week. Then I set it on my chair so I can throw it one even when I'm a zombie in the morning. :)

    9. Beautiful garments. In my bedroom hangs a lovely frock from the 1920s --- a hat to match on a hatstand on the dresser...... oh bliss!

    10. Love the photos! I usually have to wear scrubs (boo!) so there's no choice there, BUT on weekends I go with how I feel, so no planning before lol

    11. i decide in the morning, because i need my clothes to match 1) my mood and 2) the weather...
      monday treated me well (chocolate brown clothes, a little unexpected time off at work plus an improvised supper at a friend's house). hope yours was good, too!
      and i love lisalindoe's photo =)

    12. Lovely pieces! I'm so glad the sun is here and the weather is FINALLY getting warmer! xoxo

    13. I start picking outfits the night before, too, otherwise I run late in the morning! These pieces are SO pretty + dreamy. I am loving that skirt.

    14. I should pick my outfits out the night before, but I never do! These images are so lovely..as is everything you chose to post! xo

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