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    I have to say overall it was a pretty stressful day. We were first notified of the Tsunami warning at 3am this morning by my mother. After finding out that it could possibly be here at around 11:30am late morning I went back to sleep. We again awakened at 6:00am with the sirens going off and they continued to go off every hour thereafter.

    We decided to plan out what we were going to do and so we started with our local grocery store which was fortunately the only one left open in our area. Usually the store is pretty empty around this hour but was packed with people purchasing water and supplies. We then started thinking about what we should stick in the car. Obviously the cat had to go with us and I decided to bring a few photo albums, my file folder box with important documents, and my laptop.

    I think what was so stressful was the feeling of uncertainty. All the possible scenarios running through my mind and trying not to think about it too hard. We decided to stay in our home which is located on top of the hill but not as high as I would have liked. My mother who lives on the water was forced to evacuate. We basically had 20 minutes from the time we would hear that Hilo would get hit.

    The time that Hilo was supposed to be hit you could see no change in the water. About 20-30 minutes later you could see the water receding and going back in at a rapid rate more like a river. We started to see images of what was happening in the Kahului harbor which is on Maui and the water receded so much that you could see the coral reef and fish getting stuck. But fortunately that was about it. In a way its anti-climatic because you are all so prepared for something bigger but mostly its a sense of relief.

    (photos by me)

    Chile may seem like a world away but the impact of the earthquake hit us in 12 hours. I am very grateful that we are all okay and I thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers as we all went through this today. I can only hope that Chile recovers soon and my thoughts are most definitely with them.

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    1. I stayed up much too late watching CNN International's reports. I'm so glad everyone only has to deal with feelings of "that was it" rather than the aftermath of a big one. Glad you and your family are safe and sound!

    2. Oh gosh, this has given me goosebumps. I am incredibly grateful that you and your family are okay.



    3. my goodness Rachel, thank God everybody is okay.
      It's such a scary thing to have to prepare for something that you are unsure of how it will come out.
      Thank you for sharing with us!

    4. Glad to hear all is okay. What a stressful time.


    5. I am so glad it was as anti-climatic as it was and that no one was injured.

    6. oh my gosh, how scary! I'm so glad you are ok. :)

    7. So pleased to hear you are safe and sound.
      Take care

    8. Oh wow, what an ordeal! So glad to hear you and your loved ones are OK.

    9. Im so glad to hear you are ok. I was worried about you! Hopefully you can get some rest now and enjoy your day! Thanks for sharing with us.

    10. Glad you and your family are ok! Thoughts and prayers go out to those in Chile...

    11. I can't even imagine how stressful it must have been for you. So glad to hear that it didn't materialize into anything. Being from an area where we aren't affected by earthquakes or hurricanes, I consider myself pretty lucky. Not that I wouldn't love to live somewhere beautiful like Maui though!

    12. so glad that you are safe and fine...
      thinking of you

    13. Phew! Happy to hear that everyone is safe!

    14. Glad to hear all turned out well with what could have been very disastrous. Nature's sequence of events is pretty rattling lately. Enjoy what's left of the weekend!

    15. so glad all is well and you and you are safe friend. xo.

    16. My friend had just flown into ecuador to do a medical mission when we heard about the earthquake her plane had pretty much just landed. it was a stressful day until we heard that she was safe as quito is quite high up.

      as for the tsunamis im so thankful that you were spared any sort of disaster. its scary to think that the warnings came all the way up the coast into canada too!

      thankful nothing happened. but i hope this makes a few people step back and realize we need to make some changes to the way we perceive our world and what its capable of doing to us.

      best wishes

    17. i'm glad you're ok and thought of you when we heard about the tsunami. our hearts go out to those in chile.

    18. Thank you everyone! :)

    19. Thank goodness everyone is ok!!!

    20. I immediately thought about you when I heard the news- I am glad everything is okay and I hope it will stay so...
      take care, xoxo

    21. So glad you are okay. My thoughts went to you as soon as I heard about the tsunami headed towards Hawaii. Hope this week will be a good one for you and your family.

    22. So happy to hear you're all safe, and my heart goes out to the people in Chile right now.

    23. I was born and raised in Argentina, so Chile is close to my heart. I feel so badly for those people and their tragedy. Glad to read you and your family are safe.

    24. So relieved to hear you and your family are safe. My heart goes out to those in peril and who have experienced so much loss.

    25. Dear Rachel, what a relief to hear that Hawaii was spared and that you and your family are ok! Gee you were brave to stay near the beach and take photos. Its sad about Chile though, what a tragedy.

    26. That must have been horrible. Very glad to hear you and your family are okay. xx

    27. I'm so glad that it didn't turn out any worse and that you're safe and sound! You were one of the first people I thought of when I heard about the tsunami warning.

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