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    My mom and I are making progress on her new retail space and we have decided to go with a burgundy flocked brocade wallpaper for below the chair rail and a nice honey beige color for the walls throughout. We purchased some beautiful sheer gold drapery for the place to create a bit of contrast against the new wall color. My mother's style is different than mine but working with her has been fun. She loves romantic, gypsy, glamour, traditional, ornate. (see more of her style HERE>>)Whereas I also love that look but I like to mix in a bit of modern and cleaner lines into the mix so we are working on finding a happy medium. :) So anywho we were talking on the phone last night about the changes and while we were chatting she is watching this old movie Gigi and tells me to turn on the Time Warner classic movie channel. So I do and she says that the interiors in the movie are very inspirational to her. If you have seen the movie you will know that the interiors are very elegant and ornate throughout with a lot of gold and traditional pieces of furniture. So for my mother I have gathered up some of my favorite french inspired glamour traditional interiors. Ooooooh lala!

    I think what makes these rooms so great are the architectural elements and of course the textiles, beautifully crafted furniture and the glittery chandeliers! Wouldn't you agree? If your curious on our design process here are some preliminary renderings I did for her to get an idea on how it all will look! So fun!

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    1. Great post! I love both styles - modern and vintage. I love the photographs. This post makes me want to redecorate my house too haha :)

    2. Love the photos!! And your colour scheme sounds good too!!
      Happy Decorating!

    3. wow, really luxurious! love them all.

    4. You have amazing design taste! I just adore those french inspired glamour traditional interiors, WOW!


    5. Che begli ambienti *_______*
      Sembrerebbe di vivere in una favola!

    6. Uh, posted in italian, sorry!
      I love the post, all the photos are very good, I would love to live in these places!

    7. Those beds are amazing.

    8. I liked the movie, Gigi, but I can't remember the interiors. I'll have to watch it again. But the photos you show are really lovely. I really like the one with the tutu skirt light.

    9. LOVE this! I sometimes feel at war with myself :D -- I love this ornate style (ooh, now I know I can call it "french-inspired glamour traditional," hee!), although sometimes I love the clean and sleekness of the fresh white, or the "new" gray + yellow interiors. I know, they're so incompatible! Anyway, your renderings look terrific -- and really, I'm sighing over the brocade + honey combo, and those gold draperies, too :) Good luck to your mom with the new space! And hey, you've been working on some projects, too -- like that studio or salon, no? I know LC is broader than just your personal blog, but shoot, it'd still be great to see an update on your projects :)

    10. Ooh, glamorous and elegant spaces! Although I'm more of a modern meets mid-century cottage type girl, I'm really into the idea of mixing in some Hollywood regency. And chandeliers look good with everything!

    11. gorgeous images! I love those swanky chandeliers.

    12. Lovely!
      Funny I really love:
      Row 1: left
      Row 2: right
      Row 3: left
      Row 4: right
      Row 5: left

    13. I was actually named after that movie, which tickles me pink, since I think it's one of the great musicals. Cecil Beaton designed those gorgeous sets, and Vincente Minelli directed it. It won the Oscar for Best Picture of 1958. A funny thing that has happened to me my whole life is that whenever I am introduced to men of a certain age (now that age is quite old!), they begin to sing the theme song, which is sort of sweet, but rather embarrassing, too!

      The photos you've gathered here are stunning, Rachel! Like Gigi, but with a beautifully toned-down color palette. Your mum's store is going to be beautiful!

    14. Really looking forward to hopefully seeing it finished.

    15. The curved bay window is so dreamy!
      ~So Lovely

    16. How neat is this? Very neat, very wonderful. Thanks for sharing; fabulous collection and love the renderings.

    17. Love the first bed- that light blue color with the gold is gorgeous!

    18. interesting space. can't wait to see what it looks like!

    19. What a lovely blog! You can't help but notice the wonderful chandeliers in the photos. They add so much to a room's ambiance. An art deco chandelier can impart much glamour into a room.

    20. Gigi was always one of my favorite movies, not to mention Maurice Chevelier! How lovely that you found these photos for inspiration.

      p.s. I love your TV show dream--think you should do it!

      xo Mary Jo

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