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    A couple of weeks ago one of our bulbs burned out in the bathroom and we didnt replace it right away. I noticed I wasnt fussing with my face as much because I couldnt see every pore and stray hair and I actually looked a little more tan. My husband was about to change it and I told him I rather keep it the way it is. :) I thought maybe it was a weird thing to do but if a little thing like that can make you feel better about the way you look why not right? We all have witnessed the right light where we look the best and we all probably wish that light existed everywhere. I was happy to see a short article that I ran into on this site called the live.love.LOFT that emails you two ideas a week that are short and sweet. She says: "Nix overhead lighting, which throws harsh shadows. Instead use eye-level lamps, sconces, and the ever-forgiving pink-tinged light bulb. Hanging mirrors tilted slightly downward filter and reflect light nicely. Beware of green, blue or gray walls and lampshades - those could zap the life out of a sunset. Think cream, taupe, pink and warm, cinnamon red." Good to know! Now this post could not be complete without a lovely cluster so I gathered up some of my favorite sconces that put off just the right light.

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    1. OK I'm obsessed with this post because I SO agree with you! I have always wanted immaculate lighting ambience when and if I even buy a house of my own. I definitely think that lights can make a huge difference in flattering or NOT flattering our features....it is amazing the difference it will make. I'm going to remember the tips in this article, thank you!


    2. we rarely use overhead lighting. My husband hates it and now after 6 years i do too.

    3. I know exactly what you mean, we have the light above our bathroom sink unit out at the moment and it is so much more forgiving in the morning now looking into that mirror!

    4. lovely post, and so true* I put up a jonathan adler, white ceramic giraffe sconce in the bedroom a few months back and it has revolutionized how we see things.. I don't know how I did without it for so long.

    5. That is such a lovely idea!

    6. Maybe I should get ready in the dark!
      Blessings, andrea

    7. Hi Rachel! Just found your blog- and wanted to say I'm soooo happy I did- what great inspiration!

    8. Glad you shared those tips! And I wholly support whatever makes you happy (and hey, saves that teensy bit more of energy, right?) is fab :) can't wait to scope out that live.love.loft!

    9. Very cool! Thanks, Rachel! Looking forward to these new ideas in my Inbox :)

    10. oh what a cute story and what a great idea! off to their homepage :))

    11. oh, i absolutely agree- lighting can make such a difference. i've always believed that, but i also read an article recently (i don't remember where) that said that orange lights that have a bit of glow to them actually make you feel better naked! they're pretty cheap, too.

    12. Ohhh yes the right light can make everything plain seemingly beautiful. and the wrong light.. oh my! love your choices of lighting!

    13. huh! good idea! i'm going to unscrew our bathroom bulb and use candles instead. :)

    14. Those are some great bits of advice. I know those of some of the things I learned in school for interior design. You don't want the light shining directly down on you, over your toilet or right into the sink, because it will reflect back up. Side lighting or sconces are better and usually makes you feel like you look better.

    15. I only use lamps and sconces in my house except for my Nelson pendant which is diffused, so I agree. I also read that a room needs 5 lighting sources and I find that the more small ones I add to the livingroom (I have 3 now) the softer and warmer it becomes. The only thing is--I have to disagree about gray walls. My whole house is gray with white trim and it's unbelievably beautiful and soothing, especially in the morning!

    16. Rachel, the LC blog is looking soooo beautiful! Your last few posts are especially stunning. :)

    17. Good morning Rachel and happy friday!
      Thank you for entered my giveaway.
      Good luck!

    18. it's sooo funny that you posted about this, so the other day one of the bulbs in my lamp on my fan went out and I kinda messed with the teacup fixture by accident and i cant change it myself(need an electrician to do it) so i was trying to figure out how the hell i was going to have any light in my room, and i grabbed this lamp from the den and stuck it in my room, it's just sitting on my dresser with a soft watt kinda bulb in it, but i LOVE the way the light changed the way my room looks. my walls are like white white like snow white, and the bulbs on my fan make it really look like that too, but the lamp shade at eye level makes everything look much softer and now as harsh, I LOVE IT!!!!!

    19. Lovely post as always I adore your blog. Thank you. Lighting is so important to the look and feel of a room.

    20. nice post... it inspires me to handcraft one just like in the fourth picture with my own little drawings :D

    21. Oh I think we can all relate to this! We all tend to be overly critical of ourselves, but harsh overhead lighting certainly doesn't help! Lovely cluster of pretty lighting. Happy Weekend XO!

    22. Suddenly I feel the great need to go light fixture shopping. I'm dying for something fabulous to put over our dining room table!

    23. oh harsh lighting is TERRIBLE for the complexion.. i especially hate it when i go into a dressing room and i see every dimple.. i already work out, but it just makes me feel like im not really doing anything in the gym... with that said.. lovely cluster! happy weekend

    24. Rachel! I LOVE some of the sconces super much!!

    25. Those lights are all absolutely gorgeous.

      I think I need to update my light fixtures... they're just so bland and boring compared to these lovely lights...!

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