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    Woohoo! Its finally Friday! I feel like this week sort of dragged on and on and on and I am soooo ready for the weekend.

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    I am planning on playing some disc golf and hopefully catch up on some reading. I have dived into my new Pretty Pride and Prejudice book and hoping to get through more of it. Have any of you had trouble reading a book after you saw the movie? I cant get Keira Knightly out of my head and I sort of want to create my own scenes in my imagination but I go straight to how the movie was done. If you have any tricks on how to get the movie out of my head while reading the book I would be very grateful. :)

    Have you been reading any good books lately? If you need one to read you may consider joining the new and fabulous Slow Readers Book Club. Find out more about it on Diana's blog Our City Lights HERE>> Keep up to date about the announcements on their twitter! twitter.com/TheSlowReaders
    Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy yourself! Thanks for reading. :)

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    1. I wish I knew some savvy little trick to help you get kiera knightly out of your head, but so far nothing. Emma Watson will forever be in my head as Elinor Dashwood. I guess this just means they played the character very well.

    2. I love the pink ruffles coming out under the coat.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    3. I LOVE Jane Austen. :)

      I was wondering how you selected photos to be featured? I was inspired and edited some of my own photos over at my blog HorseFeathers and I'd be honored if you could check it out. Thanks!

    4. Beautiful color combination!
      I am looking for something new to read - I go through books so quickly in these cold winter months. Thanks for sharing the book club info. Am off to check it out.
      Have a great weekend Rachel!

    5. Have a fantastic weekend yourself Rachel. Yes, I'm reading a hilarious book by Liz Jones called The Exmoor Files. She is very well known and writes brilliantly - very funny & sharply observant. I'd recommend it because the chapters are short - something I find puts me off reading some books if I don't have a lot of spare time - and it really races along with such humour you can't put it down for long.

    6. I cannot help you getting Keira out of your head, except to say that it's worth plowing through: the real Lizy Bennett is so amazing and the whole story so romantic!
      Personally, i skimmed the new version of the movie, it didn't stick close enough to the story. Besides, once you finish you can watch the AE 6 hour version of the movie: Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy!

    7. Hey Rachell!

      Love the snow gear, could use some beauty in this 40 below zero windchill we have going...... all my best to you and the beach!!!

    8. Love the images, beautiful.
      Gonna check out the book group right now ;) So glad I found this blog :)

    9. I don't seem to get books and films mixed up in my head, they each stay separate. I do get books and fanfiction mixed up though... :D

      Thanks for posting about the book club, I'm definitely going to join in!

    10. oh wow, i'm fascinated by your blog! i love the way it's put together and the color schemes for your posts are great! i'm trying to read more, too, but i'm SUCH a slow reader. and whenever a movie comes out about a book that i want to read, i just avoid it until i've finished the book since it tends to spoil my imagination

    11. First of all...love the photographs you chose. The mood they create is soft, wistful, and natural.

      Second of all...I am a huge fan of Pride & Prejudice. I thankfully never watched the movie with Knightly, but I did watch the BBC Pride & Prejudice version with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle (one of the most beautiful women on earth, I think). That is one of my all-time favorite mini-series. Ever.

      Well, I don't know if there's really a trick to getting a movie out of your head before you read a book. If it bothers you to have Knightly in your head, I say rent a bunch of Pride & Prejudice movies, so that all the actresses and actors blend together. Either your brain will go into overload and clear them all out...or settle on your favorite Mr. Darcy and Ms. Bennett. :)

    12. Thanks for sharing the info about the Slow Readers Book Club! I'm looking forward to reading the book.

      As for getting movie actors out of your head, I've been there, but, I have to say, I have no problem with Colin Firth playing Mr. Darcy in my head. :)

    13. love the photo of all those pretty pink ruffles. so sweet! have a great weekend!

    14. I love that second image- the skirt is so girly. Happy weekend :)

    15. love that pink skirt so much :))
      have a lovely weekend, xoxo

    16. The third photo is in my inspiration folder! Lovely work, as always. The book club sounds fantastic! I have about 6 books to read (my best friend hands them over when she's finished them) but if I'm ever looking for something to read, I'll definitely check it out. Happy Weekend! XO!

    17. That pink ruffles/blue coat photo is just fab!! And thanks for mentioning the book club--I had seen it on Twitter and thought I should check it out, {that and 1,000 other tweets} but I really would love to join a book club so I will look into it. Are you doing it Rachel? Hoping you have a great weekend!


    18. ooh, these colors look lovely together!

      and i have joined the same book club. yay. :)

    19. pretty! :) Oh, Pride and Prejudice! good book! Mrs Bennett is hilarious!


    20. These are such dreamy photos! Have a fantastic weekend, Rachel :)

    21. Just found your blog and absolutely love it! All of these photos are gorgeous as well! Have a great weekend XOXO

    22. Gorgeous color combo, darling!


    23. those pink chiffon ruffles stopped me immediately.... you have such a lovely blog... would love to pop over to hawaii soon... seattle is sooo rainy... x pam

    24. These photos are lovely! I think pinks and dark blues make such a great color combo - I even use it in my own work :)

      ~ Kristen

    25. I love the skirt!!

      love the photos so much!


    26. Hello
      I have an award for you on our blog, come and pick it up :)

    27. ive been looking at your blog for a while but just started blogging myself - so beautiful, such great inspiration. dark blue + soft pink ALWAYS look good together, very glad for this post!
      have a wonderful rest of the weekend

    28. this is such a gorgeous board. hope you are having a great weekend.

    29. Your mood boards always inspire me. Thanks!

    30. Adorei o blog!Belas fotos..

    31. What wonderful photography and a beautiful blog you have!
      I love your images of Hawaii too, it makes me so homesick!

    32. Such beautiful photos! I love the second one!

      And for me, it helps to listen to different music. It won't seem the same when read to the "Amelie" soundtrack or Feist!


    33. What gorgeousness! I've been trying to catch up on my reads that I've accumulated while I've been away, before I really shouldn't tomorrow at work :D -- this is sooo delightful! Love the idea of the slow-readers book club :D -- the hubby + I just spent all day today reading, so it looks like we're for sure ready for 2010 to be the year of slowing down -- I hope!

    34. Navy and pink has long been one of my favorite color combos! Your collage is beautiful. :)

    35. Love Keira Knightly as an actress but the best Pride & Prejudice was the BBC version with Colin Firth you have to watch it!!

    36. so prretty!

    37. Currently I'm reading a hilarious book called "hotel Babylon" that takes about all the craziness at a hotel... love the pictures, very romantic looking!

    38. this is a fabulous idea, i've been wanting to start an online book club for so long, but i've been too swamped. i'll definitely be chiming in...

    39. Pick another actor? or a friend, someone you know, to imagine as Elizabeth. Who do You see as Elizabeth?
      What I LOVED about the joe wright (keira knightly) film was that it was completely open and free about being a READING of the book - as in one of many possibilities, Choosing where to put emphasis, shifting it, even revising the text. ("perhaps mr collins has a cousin" is a very direct and very pointed revision.)
      but you can also read for the opposite. when someone says something in the book you can think of them saying it any number of ways - snide, cheeky, happy, sad, distracted, angry, etc.
      try reading one passage a few times with different inflections.
      and think about what the narrator is saying, and whether you agree with them or whether you think they're being unfair, or what they are feeling about it all, and whether you feel the same.
      hope that helps, sorry if it doesn't :)

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