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    There is something about the new beginning of the year where I really want to get organized. One thing that I have been meaning to do is update my address book. I am thinking of making a rolodex instead! I decided to gather up some images for inspiration and here are some of my favorites!


    Row 1: MargaretAndWalter, cutthecakedesigns
    Row 2: 1 & 2 lovelydesign
    Row 3: somethingshidinginhere, michellewooderson
    Row 4: seejanework, UglyKitty
    My husband has just volunteered to help me make the box for it! I am definitely feeling that burst of inspiration right now and I think I need to do it before it fades away. I hope these inspire you as well!

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    1. FYI - I have these Japanese folders I keep all the business cards I've collected over the years - I keep them organized by when I receive them, instead of alphabetically. As I flip the pages I can remember the different events where I met the people...

      And, of course, I'd love to see the design for the box your husband comes up with.

    2. Cute! I'd love to see the final product. My dad actually has one made out of a real phone. (Like the ones on this site: http://www.oldphoneworks.com/) I'm not sure if he made it himself or if he just randomly found it somewhere. The rolodex cards are in the middle where the numbers were. It still has the handset at the top, and sometimes people mistake it for a real phone! haha

    3. I love the one with rainbow-colored tabs from UglyKitty!

    4. these are all so wonderful! I am in the market for a rolodex...so thank you for the inspiration!


    5. I have been wanting to get one of these since last year (2009), and since you have reminded me here, I think it's time to check them out again. It's awesome you are inspired to make your own. I'd love to see how it turns out.

    6. These are gorgeous! I've wanted to get the one from lovelydesign for quite some time now, but it's a bit out of my price range. Making one is the perfect solution! You go girl! :)

    7. These are all so creative!
      Happy New Year!

    8. Such pretty Rolodex! Great inspiration, thanks. I have spent the day organizing!?!

    9. Thank you for sharing these lovely items! New Year is the time to get organized, we've been just reorganizing our office :) Happy New Year!

    10. Lovely design makes the most fabulous rolodexes. A good choice for inspiration I'd say. Can't wait to see the finished product.

    11. Gosh - what a FABBO idea!! Hmmm - you've got me inspired now!

    12. wow, these are amazing! I love getting organized, too :)))

    13. i'm glad you posted this b/c i was looking at handmade roladex's recently and thinking how far superior they are than the ugly black ones. these are all wonderful!

    14. I'm in the market for a new "rolodex" and these are just the thing I've been looking for! Now which one....hmmmmm
      Thanks for the inspiration!

    15. hello, i was wandering where to buy one of these and here it is, thank you !

    16. I love this idea, I still use a roladex, although I think it's from a job I had 15 years ago and is not very pretty. I love that top right hand one--so pretty! Hoping you had a great new year's eve Rachael, and I'm looking forward to 2010 {and reading your blog}!

      xo Mary Jo

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