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    I just want to first off say a huge THANK YOU to the people who have been nominating and making votes over on The Lovelies these past few days. Its been fun seeing the nominations coming in and and I love coming across new blogs and shops! You guys are awesome!
    I am taking a break over on the Lovelies to present to you some beautiful shops of loveliness! Okay here we go! First off is the very cool and fun The Love Shop. Their prints bring me such happiness and they are a great reminder of lifes little joys. JJ the designer says "I noticed that when I focused on love, I felt better." Cheers to that! :)

    The Love Shop
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    As you may know I am a paper junkie and so when I came across the pretty card shop called inkadinkadoodle I was smitten! I am loving their new Valentines Day cards and I just cant get enough of the pretty ruffle dresses in their designs. (HINT: They are giving away one of their beautiful box sets on The Lovelies!)

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    Sophie Isobel makes the most adorable brooches that are one off handmade. She just started making these precious heart brooches for Valentines day and I am absolutely in love! So adorable right? (HINT: She is going to be making a custom brooch for The Lovelies!)

    Sophie Isobel Designs
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    I think what I love most about Toby and Max is the craftmanship that goes into each of her pieces and I am especially fond of her cuffs. Many of them say words of empowerment like "You can do it!" and "I make a difference". How lovely would that be if every time you looked down on your wrist you had some words of encouragement? I think it would definitely help get through those hard days. (HINT: If you put in coupon code "Clusters20" at checkout you will receive 20% OFF!)

    Toby and Max
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    Well I hope you all enjoyed my post today and found some lovely new items to check out. I just noticed that they all have a common trend in that they are all items that speak to the heart. :) Have a beautiful day!

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    1. Love the post! The brooches are so cute. Thanks for sharing :)

    2. What a wonderful variety of styles in this grouping. I love the old world charm and feel of the items from inkadinkadoodle; the color, simplicity and warmth from Sohpie Isobel; the free spirit of today feel from The Love Shop; and the Rich simple elegance from Toby and Max.

      Thanks for introducing these artists and their lovely works.

    3. Everything *is* so lovely! I totally want to make some nominations but goodness this week has been busy -- hopefully I'll get some downtime soon to get on this! (Love your ideas, you're so brills, Rachel :)!)

    4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this jewelry and the other stuff is cool, too.

    5. hey...thanks for this post, my sister just asked me yesterday for some Valentine's ideas ... i think I'll just forward this post to her! i love the rabbit love card and the earrings in the last pic!

    6. i want the rabbit card from The Love Shop and *everything* from Inkadinkadoodle. everything. all. ALL. :D

    7. I love the love shop... perfect for Vday! Heading to the site :)

    8. great picks, darling- some beautiful items!
      have a sweet day, xoxo

    9. love love the love shop :)

    10. Cute blog!

      Love the cards; they're adorable.


    11. I love your blog! Thanks for sharing some fabulous shops!

    12. What a cute name...inkadinkadoodles!
      And, the stationery is super lovely!

    13. Love the Sophie Isobel Designs, thanks for sharing, so cute!

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