• What a Week! + Booth Pictures!

    My first show was soooo much fun and what an experience! I feel like now I can somewhat relate to the designers and crafters who do this. The prepping, the setup and the selling was so good to go through. There is nothing better than selling your own stuff. Such a gratifying feeling as most of you who do this know exactly what I mean. I didnt sell a whole lot but for the amount of traffic I think I did really well. Being there with friends and family was what made it so much fun! My friend helped me setup and my mom's booth was right next to me and a few of my other friends had booths as well. It was kind of a big girl party with a few men walking by if you know what I mean. :)

    Here is a little peek into my booth design. My friend Magda helped me setup and I think it came out sooo pretty!


    Here is a peek into my moms booth!


    I also want to mention a few other exciting things that happened this week! On Monday Bliss featured Lovely Clusters and had so many nice words to say. It was a great way to start the week!

    See the mention HERE>>

    And then to my surprise this blog was voted #50 as the best design blogs in the world! I couldnt believe it really. I am definitely on Cloud 9! It is such an honor to be on this list with so many of my favorite blogs!

    See the mention HERE>>

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    1. Congratulations! It's very much deserved! Your booth [and your mom's booth] looks great! xo.

    2. you booth looks awesome, so beautiful. i saw the list already and definitely noticed your blog! yay, congrats and well deserved.

    3. wow, the booth looks so pretty, great job on arranging everything, i love all the little signs you made, excellent! and congrats on the design blog spot!


      oh, hey, i just made a treasury you might like, it might be too vibrant for you though, not sure...

    4. So exciting! Glad you shared photos. I adore those little tags + gift boxes you had on display on the cupcake stand, too :)

    5. Rachel, I was so excited for you yesterday for making that list! Congratulations! You work really hard and it shows. :)

    6. How wonderful for both you and your mom! Your tables look so lovely! And congrats again on your mentions. You totally deserve it!

    7. eeeeeee!! If I lived anywhere near you, we'd be out toasting this fabulousness!! (1) Your booth seriously looks uber cute + gorgeous! And your goods so, well, good! (2) Top 50 IN THE WORLD! I can't add anything more to that :D, so I'll just say congrats!!

    8. yay! congratulations! So happy for you! on all aspects! you deserve it:)

    9. Wow, you need to party tonight, girl in case you aren't already:))) Congrats once again on being among the top 50 and may I say what a lovely booth you've had! I like all the boxes, it is so cute! xo

    10. how pretty! congratulations on the feature- well deserved! :)

    11. i oogle at every single thing in this post wow...i'm going to check out the etsy site because this is exactly the theme for our wedding.

    12. Congratulations! All these photos are stunning!!
      Happy weekend!

    13. everything is gorgeous! good taste must run in the family :)

    14. the booth looks gorgeous!! And your moms too! Congratulations again on the top 50! Thats really amazing. :o)

    15. This is very inspiring. Glad things went well and thanks for sharing your work.

    16. How wonderful Rachel, congratulations on all of your hard work and your lovely items! Your mom's items are lovely as well. :)

    17. Congratulations on you booth, everything looks beautiful and for your top design blogs! Very exciting, that is amazing!

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