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    I have had three separate Tumblr accounts for each of my blogs but I am now considering them more as inspiration folders now that Lovely Clusters is my only blog. Here is a little sampling of each of them.
    Design Lovely on Tumblr will now be known as Lovely Clusters - Dreamy Photography
    dwellings and decor on Tumblr will now be known as Lovely Clusters - Dwellings and Decor
    And of course there is the Lovely Clusters Tumblr which focus's on beautiful handmade
    If you follow my other blogs you might want to know that today I announced that I will not be blogging anymore on Twolia so I will only be blogging on Lovely Clusters. Those blogs were sort of my babies if you know what I mean. :) I put a lot of hard work into them and met a lot of great people. I think its for the best though because now I can concentrate just on Lovely Clusters. Which means.... I will be posting more beautiful dreamy photography and fine artists just like Design Lovely and I will also be blogging more interiors and decor just like dwellings and decor. If you are new to this blog and you came from my other blogs I welcome you and I hope you will enjoy this blog as well! :)

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    1. looking forward to all of the loveliness to come :-)

    2. Oh, these are so dreamy and lovely.

      Thanks for sharing.


    3. I love all your dreamy photos and inspirations, thanks for sharing these!

    4. I'm new! :D You have such a beautiful style, I'm definitely adding you on bloglovin.

      It's easy to get attached to a blog, isn't it? I'm new to blogging but I am very attached to mine already!

      I look forward to getting to know you better in your blog's pages. :)

    5. awesome, thanks for the heads up. i look forward to your very lovely blog, everyday!

    6. I am following your Dreamy Photography now in Tumblr... which by the way is truly addictive... I can spend hours and hours there! ;O)

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