• A Few of My Christmas Presents

    I first saw these beautiful books on Design Sponge last year around Christmas and I instantly added it to my wish list but unfortunately they weren't available in the States. I saw them on Anthropologie in November and I told my husband that I wanted them for Christmas and I got them! I received three to start; Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, and Wuthering Heights. I want to end up collecting them all and pass them down to my children in the future. I cant wait to start reading them!

    I also wanted to share with you this beautiful and very thoughtful present I received from Danni from Oh Hello Friend. She is such a sweetie!!

    Love this little photo from Gabrielle Kai!
    I also received a really nice paper trimmer. The kind that cuts downward instead of the slider that I have been using. I am pretty excited about this gift because it can cut multiple sheets at one time and it cuts the vintage wallpaper so smoothly! What were some of your favorite gifts this year? All photos by me. :)

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    1. Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite book! and the cover is just sooo lovely!
      look like you've had a nice Christmas!

    2. Among my favorites presents were two vintage books of poetry by Dorothy Parker. They are so beautiful and the poetry makes me chuckle.

    3. Dude, you were so on my gift list this year, except I lost the packaging from the lovely cards I ordered from you! So maybe I can find your address somewhere again, and we'll just pretend that I'm on time. And that is such *sweet* packaging from Danni + what a cute card!

    4. The books look lovely - such beautiful covers/binding. And the packaging that Danni used is so pretty and unique! One of the pleasures of shopping handmade/Etsy is seeing the unique packaging that artists create.
      Happy Holidays Rachel!

    5. Yeah! Those books were on my wish list :(but I didn't receive them... I guess I will have to buy them for myself.

      Merry Christmas Rachel!! and hope your New Year is just as wonderful!!

    6. I've been wanting some of those books too! You are a lucky lady.

      Wanted to let you know I updated my blogroll since your other blogs won't be updated anymore. Didn't realize Lovely Clusters wasn't on my roll!

      Have a wonderful New Year!

    7. I saw those books from Anthropologie and loved them too, glad you can enjoy the classics now! What a lovely gift from your friend too, hope you have a happy New Year!

    8. Those books are such a special gift ~~

      Happy New Year to you!

    9. oh, some lovely stuff!
      happy new year to you, darling.

    10. Those were the best three books out of the collection!
      BTY I love the blog!

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