• Color Swatches #8 + 1-7

    Another post I used to do on Design Lovely which was fairly new was the color swatch post. These are great for designers who are looking for an idea of what the client wants. I recently had a client find a beautiful color scheme from 100 layer cake and we used it throughout her branding. Website, business card and tags. I just got all the printed work in the mail so I will have to show you once I get some pics! I saw this image awhile back and the colors instantly striked with me. I love that it feels holidayish but not in the traditional sense. So fun!

    Photo from wordsforsnow
    Here are some of the old ones that I made on Design Lovely.

    Hope these inspire you or at least bring some eye candy your way! :)

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    1. Very nice muted colours! I like these a lot :-)
      Wishing you and your family a very happy xmas!

    2. beautiful colours, thank you for sharing!
      have a nice holiday!

    3. great colors!
      happy Holidays to you, darling!

    4. I love these! I particularly love the color scheme in the bottom left photo [with the bird!] xo.

    5. Loving your color swatches here and also congrats on the being in the top 50 blogs too. Just sending a note your way to wish you a wonderful Christmas with your family.

    6. As a redhead, I can't help but be biased towards the first photo :-) I love this idea of picking a color swatch from a photo - helps break out of analysis paralysis.

    7. Pretty palettes- love that mustard yellow and bright, cobalt blue!

    8. ooh! these are so cool. I'm loving the column on the left.

    9. Wow that first image is amazing! Such pretty colors!


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