• Mello Monday: Vintage Phones

    I am starting the week right with some vintage phones.

    I finally had the chance to call my Nanny (grandmother on my fathers side). It was nice to chat with her and catch up with life. It's been difficult for her since my Pop Pop passed away but she seems strong and taking it day by day. Its hard being so far away when you want to be there for someone. I am glad that she has some of our family nearby to keep her company. It seems that most of us makes family calls on Sunday. Is this something that you and your family do too?

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    1. I wonder how many kids would know what they are? lol

    2. I love vintage phones. These are great and I love the soft colors. Great idea about reconnecting on a Sunday!

      Have a great day!


    3. awwwwwwwww...i love old phones!!!!!! these ones are just..perfect!!!

    4. Yes, when we are child elders are present to take care And when they are old we should be there to take care of them.
      Re.: your question.
      We stay together - joint family.

    5. Oh yes the Sunday calls. Even my surrogate grandmother in England calls me on Sundays. I think it all started with the rates being lower on the weekends. Love those old phone images. Have a lovely day!

    6. Oh how I love these phones!! I found an old mini one an antique store and got it as a bookshelf piece. Great pictures!

    7. Rachel-
      this is one of the sweetest phone photo sets i've seen :)

      i know it is a little late, but i wanted to thank you for sharing my work in a july blog post (i just came across it this morning!).

      thank you!

    8. Haha, it's very true! Sundays are usually for family dinners, or phone calls if dinner can't happen. I love vintage phones :)

    9. Ooohhh... good choices. I love them all. Can you imagine the magical feeling of not knowing who was calling, the old fashion ringing?

    10. those phones are fantastic! I love vintage phones. my grandma had one at her house with the spinning dial... so much fun! I do sometimes call my parents on Sundays, but I live so close that I can just swing by too.

    11. My Grandpa passed away this summer and it's been tough for my Nonnie too! I'm sure it's so hard to get used to being alone after being with someone for so long. I heart that adorable pink phone!

    12. Oh I've wanted a pink princess phone for so long!

    13. oh I feel you... my grandma lives quite close to me but sometimes I think that I don't visit her often enough!
      I love these phones by the way :))

    14. Hi Rachel, I love those phones... they are like the ones we had when I was growing up! I call my little sis every day of the week! Bisous... Julie Marie

    15. thank you so much for the feature! i wrote about it in my blog:

      peace and love,

    16. we do saturday mornings -- something i always look forward to.

      and love these phones!

    17. I need to have a better habit of calling my relatives on Sunday. I pretty much talk to my immediate family everyday but need to be better with my grandparents, so thanks for the encouragement and I like the vintage phones!

    18. Those are really lovely and timeless vintage phones. Sunday seems to be a good time to make family calls for me too, everyone would be in a good relaxing mood, compare to weekdays where's everyone is rushing like mad! Have a great week Rachel xoxo

    19. love the look of a vintage phone and your picks are so pretty!

    20. Oh, love vintage phones. I call my mother at all hours--she works swing shift so otherwise I'd never get to talk to her!

    21. I don't call my family that often, although I should. It's a pity and I'm not that happy about it, but oh well... it's good to see that people like you still do that. :)

      By the way, great vintage phones you got there!

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