• Itching to Travel

    I want to immerse myself in an old city with flower pots on balconies and ornate and weathered architecture.
    I never thought I would want to travel so much but after going to Ireland I feel the need to go and see more beautiful places. Being there made me realize how much is out in the world beyond my tiny island. Photo from HERE>> How is your Monday going? Hopefully more productive then mine. I am living in a dreamworld at the moment. All I can think of is how I can manage to go to Italy for a month. This will take some planning and oh yeah savings. Might be awhile but Ill get there some day! :)

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    1. Early morning here. I am dreaming of Ireland! I would love to go there some day!

      Blessings, andrea

    2. Hello Rachel, please take me with you when you go to Italy! I love flowepots on balconies and windowboxes! Buona fortuna! Bisous... Julie Marie

    3. Oh! You are definitely going to love Italy and have a great time! I just came back from a short break and thinking already in the next holidays hehehe ;O)
      My Monday is not going as productive as planned either, but well, it is alright! tomorrow will be another day! :O))))

    4. Beautiful photo!!!

    5. Even i like this view from my balcony.. this is beautiful.. have a beautiful week :)

    6. Mine, has yet to be productive. I'm hoping it gets there at some point. Ah ha. I'm dying to go overseas this year. The dude is still too little for me to feel comfortable leaving for an extensive period of time, but we do have a Chicago getaway planned for spring. That'll do. Hope you are able to get away too! : )

    7. Oh! Italy is one of my favorite places, so worth saving up for, Have a sweet day!x

    8. First visit to your blog.

      Sounds like you have a case of island fever.

      Best regards

    9. my goodness, this photo is so pretty! and yeah, traveling is like a drug :) I hadn't left my country until two years ago - I was in Italy for a week and after that all I can think of is going back there or anywhere else really. Italy is such a beautiful country and the thing I liked the most is the way people live their lives there - no stress, no fuss, just living it, feeling it.. You are gonna love it there! :)
      and yes, all of the buildings there look just like this - it's unbelievable, I know!

      have a beautiful day, dear xo

    10. My Monday is rush rush!
      With school and personal goals I don't have a moment to lose.

      Though somehow procrastination always to find a way to by pass that small fact.

      I want to travel as well though, my sister went to Canada recently and it sounds so wonderful, sometimes I feel like I'm not doing anything, but I know I'm getting their :)

    11. Rachel, I feel the same way! I talk my husband's ear off with all of my plans and ideas, but I don't think they'll be happening anytime soon. Good luck to you, though.

    12. yesyesyes!
      we inhabit such a tiny spot on this wonder of a world.
      we should slip our feet into adventure boots and roam..

    13. Beautiful. I love traveling. Europe is calling my name again.....

    14. I want to travel more too, so glad you were able to go to Ireland! That photo is so pretty!

    15. May I come with you? I have the travel bug too...

    16. ...I spent my entire Monday from 9am to 6pm in an audition holding room... I wish I had read this first, I could have spent that time dreaming of travels far away.


    17. omg!! i was just thinking this same thing today. i love nashville in the fall but on my walk today all i could think about was Florence. and my dream of living out a scene of A Room With a View!

    18. Sounds like you've been bitten by the travel bug. It carries a disease you'll never quite be able to shake off.

    19. I knew how that feel. Would love to have time to travel too! Italy is a dream for me too! You will be there soon, after all the planning and sorting out is done!

    20. I love the strength of the red shutters against all of the neutrals. I've used red pieces throughout my kitchen/dining/family area and it just feels so right. It's vibrant, healthy and brightens the space.

      And I also love travelling. We've done a little bit. I should blog about it actually.

      Thanks for a gorgeous post.


    21. i can sooo picture myself sipping a restreto on that balcony...hope you get to go to Italy, it's so beautiful!

    22. I hope you get to sit on a balcony just like this! Ireland always leaves you wanting more!

    23. Oh I completely understand your yearning. I guess we'll have to suffice off lovely pictures like this one till then.
      Your blog is very nice by the way.

    24. that picture looks like a painting, my mouth literally dropped open when i saw it. ahh i'd pay lots and lots of money to see that when i walked out my door :) i want to travel so bad but the only place ive ever been in puerto rico. for now i'll just rely on lovely photos i see on the internet ;)

    25. Lovely image... Italy is great... it was my dream like 5 years ago and it came true after 6 months of planning and saving... I hope you can make it true as well... I was there just 2 weeks thought but it was enought for my dream... I get back last year on my honeymoon ;)

    26. Oh, I hear ya! I am definitely itching to blow this pop stand. Maybe it's the time of year, and we're looking to slough off our old skin and find new adventures before we're forced to hibernate for winter - well, at least you won't have to do that last bit :)

    27. Yay for dreams, if you don't first dream; then back it with and action plan - it certainly will never get done. And there sure are lots of lovely selections on lovely clusters to create a great travel ensemble. For me part of the dreaming includes the clothes to wear on the trip. :D

    28. So lovely! I love the feel of this!!! :)

    29. I always want to travel! (...and I always have the urge to move to another country to see how is real life there, but do not tell it to my husband because he thinks I am crazy :-)) Have a nice day, Monika

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