• Our Hana Getaway

    Ryan and I tend to plan things on the spot. We knew we were going to go to Hana but the details hadn't really been thought about until we actually got in the car and drove off. Before we left we did check the weather forecast and there was this really really really large cloud coming towards Maui from the Big Island so camping didn't sound very fun anymore. I was actually still down for camping but Ryan who had been camping several times in the Pacific Northwest insisted that we started thinking about other options. I had to agree with him. Camping in the pouring rain did not sound all that great. So we looked into getting a cabin and we went to go get the permit in the main town of Wailuku but when we got there we found out that they were all booked out. So we looked into some B&B's and the first one I called had availability and so we took it! It ended up being a nice place across from where we wanted to camp originally so it was perfect.

    Hana is a pretty desolate place as I have mentioned before so there isn't much for nightlife but that wasn't what we going there for. It was nice to just getaway for awhile and not have the computers distracting from getting some nice quality time together. Our first night there was really fun. We played cards and then we started to play this game that was in the movie Inglourious Basterds (that is how its spelled) where you have to guess a famous person that the person next to you picked. Ryan had bought some Hana Bay Rum and lemonade so it was especially fun!

    The next day we explored the beaches and drove back. There is this incredible area where we were going to camp called Waianapanapa and there is this beautiful black sand beach with a path with a cave. I have actually swam through it when I was 16 but I wasnt quite daring this time. :) There was also the red sand beach that was a little harder to get to but we managed because we are just that adventurous! Not really but I was proud of myself for walking through a barbed wire fence that was cut open to create just enough room to get through.

    After exploring Hana we decided to drive home around the larger part of the island instead of going back the way we came. This road is amazing! You start in Hana where it is all rain forest lush and green and then you go through a very dry part and then you drive through a part that is more new which is almost all volcano rock and then you end up in Kula which is also very lush and green. It is really quite an experience. Since we drove this way we stopped at the winery at Ulupalakua and we got to try 4 different wines for free and ended up buying a bottle of red which tasted wonderful!

    Overall we had a great time and it was really so great to getaway for awhile. I could definitely get used to this. Its just so hard to go back to work!

    Thanks for reading and I hope you had a great weekend!

    All Photos from me. :) www.flickr.com/photos/maui_designer

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    1. it looks SO nice! and i'm all for the last minute things. it adds an adventure feel to it.
      thanks for sharing your pictures. i love the one of the church with the sun light half one it!

    2. Your photos are breathtaking! I love when things are planned last minute. Looks like you had an amazing time!
      Have a great day!

    3. Sounds just great, total getaway. I really enjoyed your photos, very beautiful.

    4. What a lovely getaway. Beautiful. Welcome home.

    5. Beautiful photos! Sounds like a lovely time.

    6. gorgeous photos, thanx for sharing

    7. ran across you blog today, its stellar! great photos!

    8. Oh wow it is so beautiful there. What a wonderful time you must have had. I wish I could pick up and drive to such a marvelous place. Living in HI. must be wonderful, beaches, sunsets, waves. FUN FUN.

      Have a great week.


    9. Wow, wow, wow!!! I absolutely adore those exotic landscapes, you lucky girl! One day, one day... I will go there, hopefully ;O)

    10. WOW!! i loved all the photos!! thanks for the tour dear!!

    11. Such pretty photos! I love getaway weekends! We are so lucky to have them :) They really save our spirits!

    12. Wow, it looks and sounds so wonderful! I love little getaways that are close to home :)

    13. You took great photos...so pretty there!

    14. it must have been lovely! thanks for sharing these photos, xoxo

    15. Sounds so nice to just get away for the weekend like that. I love doing things spontaneously!

    16. Sounds like such a lovely time!!

    17. Woa!! That looks absolutely beautiful!! I would love to go to Hawaii it looks just awesome!! Glad you had a cute weekend!!

    18. It sounds perfect to me!

    19. Oh yay, it was so nice to see your pics! Glad the camp site worked out and that the big cloud left you alone, that would have been scary!

    20. Looks like a great trip!

    21. That picture of the church with the sunlight is GORGEOUS. Stellar, outstanding, lovely...not enough adjectives to describe how much I love it!

    22. These photos are fabulous! Looks like such a lovely trip!

    23. Wow, what a lucky lady you are! Those pictures are beautiful. What a getaway.

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