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    I just came across this message on flickr and it reminded me how I came up with the name Lovely Clusters. I think it may relate to the more technical term of clusters but it still made me smile even though flickr is down.
    This is the image that sparked the idea from Rachel Ashwell on her wonderful blog all the way back on March 9th. I wrote down "Clusters of Loveliness'" in my notebook because I liked it so much. It kept coming back into my mind and then I started thinking how I could use this as a theme.
    I am still not crazy about the word cluster because it's too close to clutter and who wants clutter but the word really does fit my type of posts and the more I come across people using this word I start to like it more. The definition from dictionary.com is: a number of things of the same kind, growing or held together; a bunch

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    1. Aww, cute! When I discovered this blog of yours, I thought Lovely Clusters was the *perfect* name for what I thought this blog was about -- capturing pretty things too, right? Well, that's what I think of it as, captured pretties :) I know my blog was initially called Bar Bound & Beyond, an outlet for me while I was studying for my bar exam, and I thought I could use it after the bar for, well, I'm not sure what. But then I abandoned it for a couple years, and by the time I came back, i was too worried that it seemed like a different kind of bar -- so I renamed it entirely based on the photo (that I *love*!) in my header, taken by my friend's husband. A bit cliche, I'm afraid, but I'm a bit lazy to think more on this handful business :D But yea, I love your name-origins post :)!

    2. I like it....U have a beautiful blog and a beautiful name for your blog.
      Blessings, andrea

    3. You know, I really like the dictionary definition, especially the part "growing or held together." It fits perfectly for this blog.

    4. This post is so sweet. But what's not to like about the word "cluster"? It sounds like some delicious, Eastern European baked good.

    5. It's great to learn where your blog title came from, though I really don't think of the word cluster as clutter at all. In fact when I hear the word cluster I can't help but think of pretty things... like birds or flowers. Great choice and like I've mentioned before, I love your blog mission.

      Hope you're having a wonderful week!

    6. I like how you shared this story :)
      have a lovely day, xoxo

    7. you might laugh at me but I had the same message on flickr yesterday and I thought of your blog when I read "Clusters" :))

    8. Thanks so much you guys!

    9. That's really cool. It's always neat what inspires us. Sometimes something will inspire one person and not someone else. You've got a wonderful blog here. Cheers!

    10. Great post! :)


    11. I quite like the word "cluster(s)"! Lovely choice for your lovely blog.

    12. And I thought it was because of the lovely clusters of flowers in Maui ...

    13. I love your name! I need to de-clutter and put some lovely clusters in my house asap.

    14. I absolutely love those photos, and by the way, I love the name "lovely clusters." Lovely is one of my favorite words, and your blog is definitely lovely. I'll keep coming back here. :)

    15. I think it's the perfect name for your blog because you gather together the nicest things... never once did I think of the word cluttered!

    16. Aloha, and happy to have come across your great blog. I always liked the name "Clusters" for a couple of reasons. when I was a kid and my friends and I would try to get our hands on some fireworks for the 4th of July,we came across some cool sounding fireworks names one of which were Cluster bombs" which I guess was named after the military weapon but was a rocket that burst in the air into hundreds of little balls of color (cluster) Another reason is when I was in school we had to sell candies to raise money every tear. One of my favorite that I always bought a box of for myself was "Peanut clusters" which were chocolate candies loaded with peanuts.
      So, the term Clusters has always had a positive affect on me :)

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