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    For the past couple of weeks I have been working on a project that showcases artists and designers that carry items that are beautiful and dreamy! The website has a gallery of featured sellers and a product area with links to category and color clusters. Here is an example of a pink color cluster on the site!
    I have always wanted to create a website that would be a place for people to go where they can easily find really beautiful creations. Etsy can seem so overwhelming with its vast amount of shops and it can sometimes feel like a flea market where you are rummaging through to find the special shops that you can relate to. I noticed that there are quite a lot of people out there that were having the same issue and so starting up a site that links to my favorite sellers existing etsy or dawanda, etc seemed like the way to go. I wanted to have at least 20 sellers before I announced this exciting new venture and now it is finally here to share with all of you lovely readers! I also want to mention that I am fortunate enough to be working with a dear friend of mine Vicki Dvorak from Simply Hue. Her taste is really similar to mine so we will be curating different artists from around the world to be featured on the site. We have been fortunate enough to have these lovely artists sign up to be on the new site so far!
    If you are a seller of beautiful lovely items please let us know about it. You can contact us HERE. Please visit the site at www.lovelyclusters.com or click on the "visit our shop" button on the top right hand corner that is now located on this blog. If you love the site and you want to share a page with your friends on twitter, facebook, tumblr etc you can by clicking on the share button at the bottom of almost every page. If you want to stay in the know of upcoming artists, giveaways and specials on the site you can sign up to our newsletter HERE or become a fan of our facebook page HERE. Hope you like it! Can you tell I am excited?!

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    1. Rachel,

      This is brilliant! Such a great idea... It's something I've been thinking about a lot here in London too. Etsy is so daunting, and for every wonderful thing, there's a lot of less desirable stuff too. You're a curator of Etsy!

    2. Congrats on your new project!i love today's selection! on my way to visit the site. good luck!xxx

    3. oh, i definetly like it:)i believe you're super excited, that's how i feel when i do a thing i've been waiting for a long time to do.when you put efforts and your heart in what you do, then something beautiful will come out.have a dreamy week.

    4. Totally love it. Such a wonderful idea. I know some of those gals, great choices (cause you have great taste)

    5. Rachel, this is such a great idea! It's like having etsy edited. Perfect.

    6. Congrats, darling! Lovely is an understatement!!
      So many beautiful things :)


    7. Great idea! I'm off to visit now... already I see tons of pretty finds.♥

    8. Wow Rachel, the site is amazing! I love the options to search by color or category. Congrats on another great venture!

    9. HURRAY!
      thanks for all your hard work rachel!

      the inspiration you bring to the community is so consistent, you deserve a blog award ;)

      thanks also for letting me be a part of the new site, so excited!

      ( just posted my announcement for lovelyclusters.com )


    10. Oh my gosh everything looks so great Rachel, seriously!!!! I looked at the site and I was in Etsy heaven, you did such a wonderful job and I bet the Etsy sellers are more than grateful for your features. ;) I might consider having you feature my shop for a couple of months, but I might want to post more before that. I will let you know when I decide. I put your site under my favorite sites to check out on my blog, hope it goes well sweetie. You have such a big heart!

    11. What an insane collection of gorgeous items. Such a lovely project!

    12. Yay, Rachel!!! This is going to be so much fun and I feel honored to be a part of it. xo!

    13. Rachel, I don't know how you do it all... you must be the busiest girl! This is a fabulous idea and I can't wait to run and check it out. I'm off to look now!

    14. Oh what a brilliant idea! I never have enough time to sift through all the shops on Etsy and find ones that I really love. I'm off to check out your project now! Well done!

    15. Congrats on your new website! Sounds fantastic :) I must go check it out right now!

    16. How great is this! You are too good to be true!

    17. I love this idea! The website looks fabulous, I can't wait to check out all the neat creations I've been missing!

    18. Oh how lovely! Wishing you both much success!

    19. Very nice work that you do. I am linking your blog to mine OK!

    20. Ooh congrats! this is amazing, im definitely favoriting it to shop. =)

    21. Rachel!!!
      Amazing idea! Now I know where I will be holiday shopping for christmas!! Love all the items from so many talented women!!

    22. Congrats. That is so amazing. I love it. I wish you the best with it. Cheers!

    23. Love it, great idea! Looking forward to visiting, Have a great Tuesday! x

    24. Great idear love the shops you have picked good choice!! :)

    25. Hi Rachel, Congratulations, this is a wonderful idea!! I had a look and the items are all so beautiful. Wini

    26. you're amazing rachel! thank you for including my shop and i can't wait to check out everybody else too. this will definitely be a website i keep up with and check out often.

    27. ooo these are all so cute! Thanks for sharing.

    28. What a fantastic, beautiful and practical idea! Good for you.

    29. Love this! Great idea! I couldn't resist adding this to our link luv roundup today.


      I can't wait to start shopping!

    30. What a great idea - good luck with your new venture! I will definately be visiting you have a lovely collection of designers x

    31. Awesome collection! Thanks for introducing me to it! A new love :P


    32. This is a fabulous idea! I can't wait to browse the shop!

    33. Congrats on the launch of the beautiful site! I love how you can select the products by colors. Love those adorable category icons too.

      Wish that I had played a part in it ... :P

    34. I LOVE your store! Everything in there is sooo beautiful!!

    35. Congrats on launching this site!! I can't wait to check out all of the amazing products. Love the idea!!

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