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    I have been thinking about dressing with more of a vintage flair. The unfortunate truth is that this style isn't exactly hip here on Maui. Portland, Oregon, yes, Maui not so much. This shouldn't matter though because I shouldn't care what other people think. Right? I wish it was that easy. I have grown out of my Roxy and Quicksilver stages in my life and I want to move on to a more professional chic look and I thought the best way to start would be with knee length vintage skirts.

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    1. As long as you feel good in what you have on, then never worry about what others think!

      Maybe you could be the new vintage trend starter in Maui? I think this is a fabulous idea!

    2. Knee-length skirts are great because you can dress them up or down depending on your shoes and top. I think you'd look super stylish if you stick with light, airy styles and colors to match your island lifestyle. Go for it! :-)

    3. I love Simple Mel's idea above + starting a new trend! But I'm kind of with you on being wary of "introducing" something new to the area -- not so much vintage-wear friendly in my office :D But skirts sound like a fabulous way to go! If you do this, do share an outfit or two! I don't really know what to pair with such cute skirts... I know tees seem like a good way to go, right? but it's so hard to find a cute tee sometimes...

    4. I love all of Jennifer Lauren's skirts. So girly, yet practical. I made the switch from shorts to skirts this season, and I feel much more grown-up ;)

    5. My parents used to travel to Hawaii when I was a young girl and they would bring back fabric for me to sew with... I would love to see you design a style of skirt, a wrap or something that would take you to work, to the beach and out for an evening....I love skirts, they provide comfort and ease.

    6. these skirts are great! you can do it! you can give a little quirk and sass to maui! :)

    7. Oh I just did a skirt post today too!

      These are soooo gorgeous! I love the sweet floral prints!


    8. Oh I completely understand this!! Haha...I too LOVE these vintage skirts! They're just fabulous! I want them all...

    9. I wish I would just get into a skirt every once in a while! But then I stay within the comforts of my jeans...

    10. go for it girl! i almost never wear pants, but so many lovely skirts, tunikas and dresses. feminine? yes. confortable? yes. great for showing off gorgeous shoes? :) yes!!

    11. These skirts are lovely...i'm like you, surfwear just isn't for my anymore, I'd love these skirts any day!

    12. Hi, just catching up on your latest posts. These skirts are very pretty...!! Agree that it shouldn't matter what others think, as long as you're happy!

    13. Oh, I love these vintage skirts...I would wear all of them! Maybe you could change the trends in Maui?? Thanks for visiting my blog!! Take care, Caroline

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