• Lovely Mentions!

    I just want to say thank you to the two bloggers that mentioned my cards recently. You guys are awesome!

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    1. I love the picture of the sweet pink dress in the bottom right corner with the "cluster" ;) of pretty flowers. It is so cute!

    2. My favorite outfit is the one in the middle on the bottom row! GORGEOUS!

    3. Sorry, I meant to to leave the second comment on another page:) My comment box made an error!

    4. Congrats, darling! Your cards are divine!


    5. Well aloha to you too! :)

    6. Hi,

      I came across your store's website after reading City of Dionne & Couture Carrie's blogs today. We are SO grateful for their support of our charity's cause & current Giveaway campaign!! Our organization is made up of people who send cards and gifts to individuals battling cancer in hopes of lifting their spirits. I absolutely LOVE your cards and your blog!! You are VERY creative and so talented!

      I wanted to stop by and invite you to our big Jewelry Giveaway that we are currently hosting. Stop by and get in on the fun & maybe even become a Spirit Jumper or a Featured Store on our site!! :) We feature many stores on our website(ETSY sites, etc.) that offer a small discount to our **Spirit Jumpers** who are purchasing items to be sent to our cancer fighters as **Spirit Jumps**. Cards are the most popular items, so your store would fit in perfectly if you are interested in promoting with us!

      Check out our website for more information!!! www.spiritjump.org

      Spirit Jump Co-Founder

    7. Congrats !! definitely worth mentioning !


    8. yeyy! congrats!

    9. How cool! They look so nice in their groupings. Congrats!

    10. I adore your flower card and can't wait to see it in person. Too bad I am gifting it!

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