• Color Cluster: Gray

    Yesterday it poured most of the day and it made me so happy because I had been praying and wishing for it. It has been so muggy and hot here that all I wanted was for it to rain. It not only rained but it poured. It rained so hard that the internet went out. That wasn't good or maybe it was? I got a lot done yesterday like laundry, dishes and I even watched a great chick flick called Edge of Love with Keira Knightly and Sienna Miller. I loved the fashion and the interiors. Such a great feeling to watch a movie in the middle of the day with hot tea and the sound of the pouring rain. Wouldnt you agree? The cloudy skies of yesterday was the inspiration for this gray cluster post. Enjoy!


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    1. I love gray, one of my favorite colors.



    2. It's raining here right now as well and it's a bit odd as it's the middle of winter and rain usually occurs in summer time here by us. But it's a welcome relief and I hope it will continue the whole weekend although that means very, very cold weather.

      I haven't watched that movie yet, but it will go on my to watch-list :)

      Have a good weekend!

    3. What adorable picks. I love love love grey, and think that curling up with an afternoon movie on a rainy days sounds perfect.

    4. Gray can be lovely, can't it? Even when it turns a day inside out and melts into movies and tea!

    5. I do agree, sounds dreamy.

      Love your choices, so serene.


    6. i am so loving gray right now, and these are such beautiful picks...yay!

    7. Lovely blog, interesting posts and pretty photos. I just joined your site, and will link your site to mine, I am off to check your shop.
      Have a great weekend darling

      Duchess xx

    8. Oh...rain - A distant memory! Here in LA it barely rained this winter and I'll still have to wait some months before I can even hope for some rain. I love the mood rain puts you in, especially if you can stay at home. As for the color cluster: it's gorgeous - I love the versatility of gray and your pics are all so delicate and sweet! I'm always looking forward to your posts :)

    9. mmm, I love how grey can be the perfect canvas for just a splash of color, or ideal and perfect alone. beautiful!

    10. Hi, I see u added me to your list... I think grey is the new black, as brown was the new black1.lol... I love that grey dress as well as the accessories...

    11. I love rain, then there is no guilt for staying in and doing nothing...well maybe a few chores

    12. I really love grey. It is a great base color that pairs well with so many others- I especially love the combo of pale pink and grey and pale blue with grey.

    13. Wow... they are so pretty!! You made me to like this color!

    14. oh my goodness that purse almost made me spit my beer out (yes, i'm drinking beer and reading your blog, it's sunday afternoon!)

    15. :: sigh ::

      i REALLY love gray!
      sometimes i wonder if that means i'm depressed but i just love wearing it! ;)

      i love this cluster!

    16. I love this shade! Fabulous pics.

    17. i looove all this gray! i'm happy it's soon autumn and all the wool and gray comes out of closets!

    18. i saw that ruffled pillow today on etsy and i love it!!

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