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    I have so much respect for people who make jewelry because I know how much time and energy goes into each piece. My uncle is a jeweler and I am fortunate enough to receive such beautiful handmade jewelry on my birthday and for Christmas for the last 20 years of my life. I am always so excited when I see their name on the return address of the package. I know it's going to be something beautiful! Here are some jewelry that I found on the internet recently that I am just adoring!

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    1. Thanks Rachel for the compliment! I admire jewelry makers as well. Two of my coworkers make jewelry and one sells hers on Etsy too. When I have spent time with them it is crazy how long it takes them to make a necklace. The finishing work is beautiful though and one night they even showed me how to create a necklace. So fun and love your new finds!

    2. Just beautiful jewelry! I wish I knew how to make it like that!

    3. How many beautiful pieces! Love all!

    4. these are lovely! i love making pearl jewelry, but would love to learn making something with silver.

    5. Girl i adore your inspirations and the collection you share with us :) Merci !

    6. thank you!

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