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    How often do you see an Art school open up an online shop exclusively for the students creations? I have heard about talented individuals coming from SCAD so I am not the least bit surprised that I would find some lovely items for sale.

    Allyson Ross

    Claire Teschel
    If I hadn't already gone to art college this would be where I would have gone.

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    1. Wow, those are gorgeous!! I would love to go to that school too. The stationary is so detailed. :) Thanks for your comment and I will have to check out those sites for sure on interior design. Sorry I thought you were on Etsy - ha ha, your business is awesome! I gave you an award and it is on my blog, you will have to check it out and have a beautiful day! :)

    2. What a fabulous idea, and beautiful creations!


    3. I love those books by Rebecca Walker. There is such talent everywhere, isn't there? Thanks for stopping by our little blog-- we are glad to make friends with all the other lovely blogs we happen to meet. Have a good day!

    4. Love your new blog. I would have loved to go to SCAD, almost did until I chickened out years and years ago.

    5. Pretty finds...thanks for sharing!

    6. Wow! Pretty soon you're going to have as many blogs as me! I found this by clicking on your name on my comment section! How lovely to find it. BTW, thank you for your lovely comments!

      I love the journals and the pretty jewelry! The little lesson on staging is great too! I will keep that in mind, when I start selling my photos!

      I just want to let you know, that your encouragement is very important to me and I am incredibly grateful!

      Have a great day!

    7. Hi, Rachel. thanks for the comment, you have inspirating blog with so beautiful stuff here. :)

    8. wow, what a lovely feature!
      thanks for sharing the inspiration!

      i love this blog by the way! :)

    9. Inspirational.
      Love your blog.

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